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When helping you select a shingle for your roof, we like to ask what your goals are for your property. Is it a starter home? Your dream house? Your answer makes a difference. Here's why:

Q: My spouse and I just bought our first home and the roof needs to be replaced. We only plan on being in this house for a few years. Which shingle should I choose?

A: If you plan to be in a home for only a few years, a traditional 3 tab shingle will do just fine. With an estimated life-span of 20 to 25 years, the 3 tab will keep your family safe and dry while you're there, and your roof won't be an issue when you're ready to sell.
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Q: We bought our dream home and we never plan on moving again. What is the best shingle for us?

A: When longevity is important, you should always go with an architectural shingle. Thicker and more wind resistant, architectural shingles last for 30 years or more. Our experience with the hurricanes of 2004 proved that architectural shingles performed extraordinarily well. Also, most homeowners find the architectural shingle more attractive.
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Although we can provide shingles from virtually any manufacturer, our preferred shingle source is CertainTeed. They stand behind their product with great product warranties and better yet -- their quality is so consistent, warranty claims are seldom made.